Step into the world of Next Play, a vibrant and dynamic mentoring program tailor-made for middle and high school student-athletes. It’s a place where dreams are nurtured, talents are honed, and success is forged both on the field and in the classroom. Next Play is a transformative journey centered around five pillars: mentorship, financial fitness,

7 ON 7

Introducing Battle Sports Academy (BSA) 7 vs 7 tournaments, the premier football tournament series set to make its mark in the Atlanta, GA area and beyond. While being hosted in Atlanta, these tournaments are open to young athletes from across the country, creating a truly competitive and diverse playing field. BSA aims to establish itself

BSA Girls Flag Football

Imagine the vibrant and spirited atmosphere of a Battle Sports Academy(BSA) girls’ flag football tournament. Teams from all corners of the United States converge, creating a tapestry of diverse talent and unwavering passion. Here, athletes step onto the field, eager to showcase their skills and test their mettle against formidable opponents. BSA tournaments pulsate with


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