Introducing Battle Sports Academy (BSA) 7 vs 7 tournaments, the premier football tournament series set to make its mark in the Atlanta, GA area and beyond. While being hosted in Atlanta, these tournaments are open to young athletes from across the country, creating a truly competitive and diverse playing field.

BSA aims to establish itself as the leading tournament series in the Southeast region and beyond. With a reputation for excellence, professionalism, and top-tier competition, BSA tournaments attract the most talented middle and high school athletes from various states and regions. As a result, these tournaments offer a unique opportunity for young football players to test their skills against elite competition and gain exposure on a broader scale.

By welcoming participants from across the nation, BSA tournaments foster a rich and diverse football environment. Athletes from different backgrounds, playing styles, and regions come together, creating a melting pot of talent and a platform for networking and growth. This exposure to a wide range of opponents helps athletes broaden their horizons and develop valuable skills for their football journey.

BSA sets itself apart from other tournaments by offering prizes to both winning teams and coaches. This unique feature adds an extra level of excitement and motivation for participants, reinforcing their hard work and dedication. The prizes serve as an incentive for teams and coaches to perform at their best, further enhancing the competitive spirit and adding an element of reward to the tournament.

BSA’s commitment to providing exceptional tournament experiences, including top-notch organization, professional staff, and high-quality facilities, ensures that participants and spectators alike have a memorable and enjoyable time. The goal is to create an atmosphere that reflects the prestige and significance of the BSA tournament series, setting it apart as the go-to destination for top-level competition in the Southeast region and beyond.

Looking beyond 2024, BSA has plans to expand its reach to cover areas in the Southeast and beyond. This expansion will provide more opportunities for teams from different regions to participate, increasing the level of competition and diversity of talent on display. It opens doors for athletes to compete against new opponents and gain exposure to different playing styles, thus broadening their football experience.


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